My Tools

º IcoFX
Icon creator and editor. Excellent software that supports high quality icons for both Windows and Macintosh.

º Paint.NET
Free image and photo editor. Perhaps the best freeware for manipulating graphics, rich in features.

Favourite Graphics Sites

º Iconfactory
A source for beautifully designed icon sets, and an inspiration for me.

º Digital Blasphemy
3-D graphics site featuring very fine digital wallpapers.

º deviantART
A massive collection of artworks from the world’s largest art community.

Chess Sites

º Chessville
Comprehensive site “by chessplayers, for chessplayers”, covering all facets of the game.

Another popular general chess site.

º En passant
Good resource for chess software and publishing, including diagram utilities and fonts.

º Chess Graphics
A large assortment of chess-related materials, from paintings to cartoons.

Links 440x440

Users' Sites and Applications

A selection of sites and programs featuring graphics from Virtual Pieces.

º OzProblems
Australian chess problem composition.

º IM Goran Vojinovic
Online chess lessons by the International Master.

º Lucas Chess
Chess playing software designed for training.

º PyChess
A chess client for Linux.

º ActionChess
Puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad that combines chess and Tetris.

º ChessNotePad
Chess recording and playback application for the iPhone.